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Poem #5 Onomatopoeia Poem

The waves are crashing against each other- towards the shore line. boom, crash, boom, crash. I feel the warm sand beneath my feat. Boom, crash, crash, crunch. I see the storm clouds brewing when the land – meets the sky,… Continue Reading →

My Blog Audited By Someone Else…

This week I chose to ask my brother ( Emanuel) to do a blog audit with me. So I had him evaluate my blog and this is what he thought. I first asked him when he was done looking at my blog… Continue Reading →

Auditing My Blog- Week 10

Today I am starting by auditing my own blog. On my blog I have written a total of thirteen posts, ten were set by the the challenge, two were about poetry in class, and one was about a partner novel. I received ten comments… Continue Reading →

Poem #3- Letter Poem

Dear, poems Thank you for giving me a reason to write. When I have a lot in my head I know what to do, I just write it all down into a poem that rhymes but makes sense in my… Continue Reading →

Poem #2- Multiple Voice Poem

Photo Credit: Lawrence Chard via Compfight cc Is being different supposed to be a bad thing.? We are all different so we can’t all be bad. Can we.? We should start embracing our differences. Be a voice not an echo…. Continue Reading →

Animal Extinction

          Today I am going to be writing about animal extinction in general. We all know there are many causes to animal extinction but today I am going to write about one of the main problems in… Continue Reading →

Traveling soon? Where would you like to go?

                                                              Today I am going to write about traveling, as… Continue Reading →

The Blog’s I Commented On

Photo Credit: Phenom Apps images via Compfight cc This weekend I commented on three different people. first I commented on Savannah’s blog, right here The title of her post is called “My Favorites.” She wrote about three of her… Continue Reading →

The Full History Of Board Games

                                                                               … Continue Reading →

Week #5 Why New York Is My Favourite Place

                                                                                wyliepoon… Continue Reading →

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